Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to present the most attractive title for your academic paper?

You might have just written the best academic assignment, but unless you have a befitting title to represent it, your readers won’t get intrigued with it. This is the reason why assignment experts always suggest to create impeccable titles for your academic papers. 

So, whether you’re working on an essay or a research paper, these ideas suggested by the academic experts will surely help you.

Identify major themes in your paper
Most of the non-fiction work comes with an argument. So, you need to include two or three major points you are trying to make.

      Pay attention to your thesis statement
·     Check your topic sentences carefully

Look for creative ideas from your writing
Read your paper thoroughly to look for some sentences or phrases that reflect your main points and views. Often the content included in your introduction or conclusion part can be helpful for title formation. Take note of those words and phrases that try to explain your idea.

Follow conventions
Different disciplines, like science, arts or humanities, may have different guidelines about what a title should look like. So, if you are well-acquainted with the guidelines, you should confirm it too. There are some of the general rules that you need to remember.

·     Most of the words or phrases in the title should start with a capital letter
·     The first word should be in capitals

Spare a thought about the tone and your audience
When writing a title, make sure that you consider your audience. A silly title won’t work if you are writing the paper for a serious audience. You can even add some humor to your title to make it a little quirky and interesting for the audience. Always consider the tone of your essay, as well. If the tone is formal, then a serious title would be more suitable for it.  

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